Friday, January 29, 2016

Vitality Bottled Just for you - Part 3

Here is the third section of the Vitality oils - Herbs!

Did you know that you can use essential oils in your cooking and my oh my are they delish! Whenever a spice is called for in your recipe, you can use Essential oils instead.  One drop or even a partial drop is all you need to spice up a whole dish.  When you use them, you will want to add them at the very end of your cooking and just before your serving.  High heat will evaporate some of their goodness and you wouldn't want THAT to happen.  When I add peppermint to my brownie mix, the heat of the baking makes it necessary to add a little more than you normally would.  I usually add about 15 - 20 drops for each batch and they are like little refreshing chocolate nuggets of goodness!  Lavender in Lemonade is wonderful.....only 1 - 2 drops for a whole gallon!

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