Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Speaking of dogs!!

Yes, oils are for pets too.  If you didn't catch our post the other day about pets and oils, make sure you go back to the previous post!!  

So.......The other night my dog must not have been feeling well. Pacing all around the house after we had gone to bed. She had water and had already gone potty.  She just would not settle down on her bed like she normally does.  I finally shut her in our room. Still she paced around the room, back and forth, back and forth, panting off and on. Walking in and out of the bathroom with her nails going ticky tacky on the vinyl. It was driving me crazy and keeping me from going to sleep.  I finally got up and put some Digize essential oil on her tummy. Her tummy must have been what was bothering her, as the Digize did the trick. She laid down and went to sleep. Love my oils.

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