Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blending for YOU!

Have you ever thought of blending some of your oils together?  Like a blend to help you sleep better.  Just exactly what is the best way to go about blending.  Well, there is a specific science that makes blending easier.

First, let's talk about synergies!  In her book, French Aromatherapy, Jen O'Sullivan talks about the fact that blending your oils together in a glass bottle and letting them sit for 24 hours before using allows the constituents of the oils to blend properly.  This creates a blend that will work much better than throwing the oils together and using right away.  This is true for blends that you want to put into your diffuser as well.  If you have a favorite blend for your diffuser, say....peppermint and orange, for a good pick-me-up for your morning, mix those two together the day before.  You'll notice a difference even in the diffuser product!!

When you are blending, make sure you DO NOT blend together other blends.  If you are really interested in learning about blending, the best way is to take an aromatherapy class.  If you can't do that (they are usually expensive), the next best thing is to learn from those who HAVE taken the class and are sharing their knowledge.

I follow a blog called EssentialFamily and her post of blending includes a couple of charts that are super helpful when you want to blend.  It includes a list of oils that blend well with each other.  There is also a chart showing Blending Factors that help you with ratios.  You can read her entire post HERE.  

So, grab those oils, think about the blends you might way to try and go for it!!  Just remember to use glass bottles!!  This is a good reason to save your empty bottles!!

After you have made some blends, come back and tell us the blends you made.  You may just be able to help someone else!!

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