Thursday, February 2, 2017

Watch if you use Dryer Sheets

If you are like me, you dry your clothes in a dryer instead of on the clothes line.  I'm not here to debate how much better one is over the other. I do know that many of you use Dryer Sheets. I used to use them too. But about a year ago I started to use something different. Dryer Balls! Yup.....these 100% wool natural balls are awesome. AND I can put any essential oils on them I want to give me a scent. The video below lists all the yucky things that dryer sheets can have in them. In the effort to purge the house of chemicals, dryer sheets were that silent little piece that were a BIG offender. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Your clothing, towels, sheets and more touch your skin all the time, so eliminating the dryer sheets eliminated chemicals that were touching my skin.....all the time!

The only thing I don't totally agree with that is mentioned in the video is that the wool balls will eliminate static. Not entirely so. But I found that I was OVER DRYING my clothes! Yup. The balls dry them faster and without remembering that fact you tend to over dry them.  Do you know what over drying your clothes can do to them?  Put in Static!  It is an a-ha moment!!

So, use wool dryer balls, scent them with Young Living essential oils (which are also totally free of chemicals) and dry them less (saving energy) is a win-win solution for a more chemical free home.

Want to make your own dryer balls?  Go here!

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