Friday, September 14, 2018

FB offer for you too!!

How would you like be eligible to win a free 5ml Orange Essential Oil from me?!! Well, here is how you can qualify. 
1. Comment this post (of course!) 
2. Let me know what oil you want to order from me before the 18th. 
3. Sign up to get notifications from this blog.  

Your name will be in the pot to win the free Orange! AND the winner will be picked on the 20th!! 
Here are great oils you may want to try...Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender are some of my favorites.
When you have all three things done, post here!

Quick 101 with the grandkids VIDEO

Today on Facebook I shared a super fast Oils 101 class with my grandkids by my side.  About two minutes after I posted that video i found out that Young Living extended the kit sale until the 18th at 11:50pm MT.  Super!! 

The video is only 8 minutes long and you'll gain a lot of info.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Click HERE for the video

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Let's talk about free oils.

When I first started my business, I really had NO clue what I was doing.  But what I did know was that I truly loved my essential oils.  Sharing with others about why I loved my oils was so natural that others wanted what I had! 

Before I knew it, I had a number of people on my team and it was paying for the oils I was getting each month.  Yup, sharing was pretty simple when you really looked at it.  And that is just the beginning.

I would like you to have that same opportunity!!   You'll get support not only from me but from several of our Facebook groups of people doing the same thing.  Lots of ideas on how to share about the oily life and how it creates wellness in your family. 

You don't have to have a fancy blog.....I just chose to.  You don't have to have a fancy office.  You don't have to have stock to sell either.  You just need the drive to share your love of oils.   AND, I can even help you with ideas if your oils sharing is just in its infancy.

So that you can see the potential, HERE is the 2017 Disclosure Statement.  It details income ranges and more. 

So.....what are you waiting for???   Tell me that you are ready to become your own boss!   

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

10% is a super deal!

Have you ever gone shopping and found the perfect pair of shoes or the perfect purse and said to yourself......"it is just a little too much, I'll pass".  Then, as you are starting to leave the store you find out that there is an unadvertised sale and the item you wanted is 10% off!  SCORE!!

Well, today is just like that!!  EXTENDED until September 18th at 11:59 pm MT, the Premium Starter kit is 10% off!  It is already 50% off retail so an extra 10% off gives you 11 oils and a diffuser (plus other goodies) for a really fantastic price.

AND......not only do you get the oils and diffuser, you get three additional books just from me to help you start your oily get to be a member of our exclusive Facebook page called A Drop A Day which over 2300 members who share and ask/answer get ME!  The start of your oily journey will include two weeks of daily emails to help you get started on the right foot with your new oily journey.

It is a life style change for wellness that you shouldn't wait to start!!

There are several kits on sale including the Desert Mist Diffuser Kit and the Dew Drop Diffuser Kit which are both at the lowest price.  Additional diffuser are available for additional cost.  I personally like the Desert Mist the best.  It has the best options and it is quite pretty too.

You can see it in this video HERE!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

More about Aminowise

My last post was about one of the supplements that I really love.  I thought you would like to see even more information about it!!  Helps my old body recover so much faster!!

Optimize your workout recovery with the triple-targeted formula of AminoWise™. It uses three blends for one powerful result: The Muscle Performance blend aids muscle building and repair, the Recovery blend helps reduce muscle fatigue, and the Hydration Mineral blend replenishes important minerals lost during exercise. Simply mix 1 scoop with water and drink immediately after your workout to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your hard work.
AminoWise was developed and formulated to fill a need within the nutritional product line as a during and after-workout replenishing boost for the muscles. With a hydrating blend of minerals that are lost during exercise and with no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors, AminoWise is a standout in the field of workout supplementation.
Benefits & Features
  • A synergistic complex of amino acids and antioxidants that helps with fatigue and enhances muscle recovery during and after exercise
  • A complex of antioxidants and minerals formulated to help reduce lactic acid induced by exercise
  • Formulated to aid in reducing muscle fatigue
  • Helps support the muscles during and after exercise to enhance recovery and performance
  • Helps support the production of nitric oxide, which can improve vascular blood flow
  • Contains branched chain amino acids, which have been shown to aid in preventing muscle catabolism from exercise
  • Formulated to support hydration by replenishing important minerals lost during exercise
  • Good source of vitamin E and zinc
  • Formulated with wolfberry powder
  • Flavored with Lemon and Lime essential oils
  • No preservatives, synthetic colors, or artificial flavors
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Monday, September 3, 2018

It's Bath Time!

After Labor Day holiday, you just might need a bath!  Maybe you were working in the garage or playing on the boat.  Whatever you were doing, sometimes our muscles get really sore.  Why, even weeding today, my muscles were talking to me.  Here are two Young Living ideas that you can use to replenish your body.  The first is Aminowise.  I just love this product!  You can either take it before or after your workout, exercise or just working hard.  The product supports your muscles by reducing the lactic acid formed by exercise and after 20 minutes of drinking it I can really feel refreshed instead of just plain worn out!  It supports hydration by replenishing important minerals with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The second way you can give your muscles a break is to take a bath!  Depending on what you add to the bath water, your bath can do more than just relax you!  So, let's talk about a recipe that I found on the web recently.

Detox Bath Salts

1/2 cup Himalayan Pink Salt

1/2 cup Activated Charcoal

6 drops Young Living Lavender essential oil

5 drops Young Living Frankincense essential oil


I know that many people use Epsom salts when they make a bath salt.  I normally do!  So, what makes using Himalayan Pink Salt different?  There are many differences between these salts. 

Epsom salt is not actually salt, it is a mineral found in water containing high levels of magnesium and sulfate. The mineral has a crystalline structure similar to that of table salt (which is the reasoning behind it being called salt), but it is actually a pure mineral compound. It has no sodium chloride (which is salt) and is technically known as magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt is magnesium that is bonded to sulfur and oxygen. It was first distilled in the town of Epsom in Surrey, England in the 1800’s and was named for the town. It has been said to have many beneficial uses from easing achy muscles and other ailments to fertilizing your garden.

Himalayan salt has magnesium and sulfate plus 82 other minerals and trace elements, including sodium and chloride and is truly salt. There are certain properties that come with being salt, such as, being anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Crystals are hand-harvested from mineral deposits on salt cave floors that have been dated by geologists to the Precambrian Age. Himalayan salt is mined from the underground salt mines in the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains and is the purest salt available on earth. Himalayan salt produces negative ions that help purify the air of allergens, bacteria, dust, and other pollutants. When warmed the crystal salt emits a negative charge that enriches our environment and as the negatively charged ions enter our bodies they attach to the toxins and neutralize their charge, thus detoxifying our systems. Himalayan salt is known to reduce inflammation within our bodies, which, makes it of great benefit to those suffering from arthritis and other ailments of inflammation.

Wow, I think I'm going to use Pink Himalayan Salt ALL the time now.  There are just so many more nutrients that are beneficial to my body! 

Then, let's talk about the activated charcoal.  It is very powerful in detoxifying.  Searching online tells us that Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.  Wow!  Think of what it can do for you when it is in your bath water! 

Finally, let's talk about the Frankincense and 
Lavender Essential oils.  Lavender is calming so your bath with it will be perfect for relaxing those tired muscles and get you ready for a good night's sleep.  Frankincense is grounding, supports and enhances your skin.

So, there you have it!  Want to take it up a notch?  Add in a Tablespoonful of Lavender buds for a real spa treatment.  You can even use the buds to rub your skin and exfoliate it!  (You might not want them to go down your drain though!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


I want you to think back to the last time you cleaned something in your house.  Like maybe spraying a cleaning product on your tub to clean it.  Think about how you were able to breathe.  Did your eyes bother you?  Did you get a headache?  Did your body ache?  I was getting those kinds of symptoms all the time but didn't really connect the problem with the product.

As Americans we expect to be told about every ingredient in products that we use from foods and makeup to cleaners.  BUT, did you know the manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to do so!  Shocking!  How can you protect your family when you can't make a good decision on products that you are using.  Well.....I have an answer for you!

Thieves!  ..........The Thieves I'm talking about isn't a bunch of guys breaking into your home and taking your things.  I'm talking about Thieves Household Cleaner.  It is a cleaner free from toxic chemicals.  When you switch to Thieves Household cleaner you can ditch all the other cleaners you have that are chuck-a-bluck full of toxins!

Thieves Household Cleaner contains a proprietary blend of 5 essential oils to enhance your cleaning and keep the cooties away from your surfaces!  Rosemary, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus Radiata make this cleaner smell like Christmas in a bottle and makes cleaning almost enjoyable!

It is sold in a 14.4 oz bottle.  Wait!  What??  That isn't much cleaner.  Well.....guess what!  It is super concentrated and for most cleaning jobs I mix it in a ratio of 30:1.  That means you'll get around TWENTY-SIX 16oz bottles from that tiny little bottle.  AND you'll be doing your whole family a favor in ridding your home of toxins.

Why should getting rid of toxins be important to you?  Many of the toxic chemicals affect your nervous system, your respiratory system, your hormonal system just to name a few.  Thieves Household cleaner replaces so many toxins that you may even notice that you're healthier during the year!

The Thieves line is sooooo powerful that it doesn't stop with the cleaner.

  • Thieves Toothpaste (best cleanings I've had ever).  Super clean teeth without the furry feeling mid day.
  • Thieves Mouthwash but quick mouth rinse outs.
  • Thieves hand know that the chemicals from your soap transfer through you skin right into your system.......opt for a better hand soap.  
  • Thieves Dishwasher detergent.  Think of the chemicals from dishwasher soap ON each plate that you put food on.  Those chemicals make their way into your system.  No problem with the Thieves dishwasher soap.  
  • Thieves Dishwashing soap.  I like to keep mine by the sink for quick handwash jobs.
  • Thieves Fruit & Veggie Wash.  Removing chemicals from what you are going to put into your mouth.
  • Thieves Hand Purifier.  So much better than Hand Sanitizer without the chemicals, smells better and without the drying affect of other products.
I found this cool video online and thought you's appreciate as well.