Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dr Doug Corrigan Part 2

If you missed part one of Dr. Doug Corrigan's article on why the Distillation Process Matters, you can go HERE to read it!  Read it first before this article so this article makes more sense to you.

The next part about why distillation matters has to do with making your own synergies.  What is a synergy?  A synergy is where you have blended more than one essential oil together to create a new and different product.  The new product can oft times do more for you than a single product.  What?  Yes, it is true! 

This information follows up on Doug's part one article noted above and the article on Synergies makes it totally understandable why the distillation process is even more important.  As requested by Dr. Doug, I am sharing a link where you can find his article about Synergies.  He and his wife, Amy, have an absolutely wonderful Facebook page called Shedding Light on Essential Oils.  I highly recommend that you join the group.  You don't have to be a Young Living member to access his information either! is the link to the article.  Come back here and tell me what you thought about the article!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

While we are waiting

While we are waiting for Doug Corrigan's Part 2 about distillation, let's talk about what you can do for you!!

When was the last time that you did something just for you?  Something that enhanced the wellness of you and your family?  Did you buy kale instead of candy on your last grocery trip?  Of maybe you are thinking about joining a gym ahead of the New Year's resolution crowd?  If you did those things, great!  BUT, we have an even better idea for you to usher in wellness!  Read on........

From today until November 30th, Leah and Ann are having their own 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' sale!  What is on sale?  Your key to wellness!  We are offering a $20 account credit for everyone who purchases a Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit.  The Kit is worth $330 retail and you are getting it for $160 (plus $7 postage and tax if you pay tax),  That is well over 50% off.  Then, add the $20 credit we will be giving you on your new wholesale is just a win all the way around.

So tell us before the 30th that you are ready to start using oils for wellness in your life and we'll tell you how to do it! 

Your new kit contains a diffuser, 11 of the most popular oils and lots of samples to share and use.  You can read more about the kit by clicking on the Young Living tab above.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Experience really does mean a better product!

I'd like to introduce Dr. Doug Corrigan to you!  Doug may look young but he has a tremendous amount of experience and is uber smart!  Doug holds a Master's Degree in Physics and a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  He has an awesome Facebook page with his wife, Amy.  You can see the page HERE.  

The article below is Part 1 about the distillation process of essential oils and explains why a company like Young Living produces a quality product because of their experience!  Now many oil companies can claim this!! Enjoy your reading and getting your 'geek on'.    Stay tuned for Part 2 soon!


Does your essential oil company pay attention to the distillation process used to produce your essential oils? Are you wondering if this even matters?

If you're curious, keep reading. There are a number of different processes that can be used to extract the essential oils from the plant. One of the most common processes is steam distillati
on. In the process of steam distillation, steam is passed over the plant biomass, causing the volatile essential oil constituents to enter into the vapor phase. This hot vapor mixture of water and essential oil molecules is then cooled down until it converts back into a liquid, and then collected in a container. The two phases of water and essential oils separate, making it easy to separate the water and oil from one another. 

Recall that essential oils are complex mixtures of many different molecules, each having a different boiling point. Because of this difference, some molecules will distill more quickly than others. Some molecules will come off first, some will come off in the middle of the process, and some will come off last.

The three major variables that manufactures have control over are 1) pressure, 2) temperature, and 3) time. Each variable is critical to determining the final composition, and quality of the final product. 

To give you an example, in the graph below I show you how distillation time affects the composition of the oil. I show you the level of 1,8 Cineole, Camphor, Borneol, Terpineol, Caryophyllene, and Cadinene in the distillate broken down into buckets of time. This is for the steam distillation of Rosemary oil. 

You can see from the graph that in the first five minutes, almost all of the 1,8 Cineole is released from the plant material. Very little comes off after that initial 5 minute period. Caryophyllene is released mostly in the middle of the time window. 

Now look at Cadinene. Very little comes off in the first 5 minutes. Most of the Cadinene is released between 20 and 30 minutes. Many of the trace/minor components take a longer time to distill off. These tend to be the higher molecular weight compounds like sesquiterpenes and triterpenes. These components are very important to the overall therapeutic quality of the oil. To learn more about this, check out my educational modules on synergy. 

So, if you distill for too short a period of time, some components will be missing. You might ask, why not just distill for a long period of time to make sure everything comes off? Well, the process of distillation is a harsh process. The plant material is being exposed to high temperature, pressure, and water. These conditions can cause the essential oil molecules to hydrolyze and oxidize (chemical transformation processes). Therefore, if you distill for too long of a period of time, you will basically end up with a container filled with molecules that are ineffective, or in some cases, hazardous. You will have a great yield, but the therapeutic value of the oil will be diminished, or even transformed into something that may irritate your skin or cause other problems. 

So, if you don't distill long enough, you will miss essential components. If you distill for too long of a period, you will destroy the molecules. Therefore, there is a "sweet spot" of time that optimizes the entire compositional profile while not harming the molecules. It's important to realize that this optimum time window changes from oil to oil; therefore, it's necessary to experimentally determine this window for each oil. Young Living has spent years perfecting this process for each oil. I feel very confident in making the statement that there is no other company in the world that understands and pays attention to the distillation process more than Young Living. 

A large majority of the producers of essential oils do not optimize their distillation process for therapeutic value. Instead, they optimize the process for yield. Why? They can offer the oils at lower cost and/or increase their profits by optimizing for yield. This means increasing the temperature, pressure, and time to extract as much of the essential oils from the biomass. Unfortunately, these conditions chemically alter the molecules in the essential oil. 

A majority of the essential oil companies that are springing up do not even own their own distillation equipment. They simply buy the oil from brokers, bottle it, and put their branded label on the bottle.

Are you wondering why cheap essential oils don't work, or why they cause rampant skin irritation problems? Well, the distillation process is one of the major culprits. 

Make sure your company is a master of the distillation process. If they aren't, tell them goodbye.

Monday, October 30, 2017

It's slow........Vetiver!

The following is from the Young Living blog.  They have some excellent information on oils that you should definitely look into.  The blog address is:
I personally like to use Vetiver on my big toe at night just before I go to bed to support a solid sleep pattern.There was also a very wonderful video I saw recently about essential oils and how you can use them for horses!  Yes, horses!  It showed the veterinarian just hold the bottle of Vetiver up for the horse to smell.  The horse repeatedly smelled the oil alternating his nostrils and sometimes raising his head in the air and pulling the scent deep into his brain.  When he was done 'treating' himself, he turned away from the vet and went back to eating.  Why would Vetiver be good for a horse?  Well, this particular horse was overactive and the Vetiver was being used to help him focus and be calm.  Read below and you'll see a familiar thread!!  
When it’s time to unwind after a long day, or if you need to buckle down for a project in a relaxing environment, look no further than Vetiver essential oil. Vetiver oil provides a sweet, woody aroma that can be applied topically or diffused to help create warm, welcoming spaces. The uses of Vetiver oil are numerous, from providing the perfect grounding scent for a decompressing massage to creating the ideal fragrance for soaps and perfumes. Find out more about the vetiver plant, as well as some key Vetiver oil benefits, and if you decide you need togive yourself a mid-blog Vetiver oil hand massage, we’ll understand.

1. From the earth

The vetiver plant is a perennial grass native to tropical regions in Asia. Vetiver is a fragrant grass with long stems and flowers, but Vetiver essential oil is derived from the root of the plant. Vetiver roots can grow 7–10 feet long, and their deep, tangled webs help make the plant tolerant against drought and protect against soil erosion.

Vetiver Young Living2. Into the bottle

Vetiver oil is steam distilled from the root of the vetiver plant. It produces a warm, woodsy scent that’s slightly sweet and earthy.

3. For men

The woody, earthy scent has been used for its fragrance for centuries, and a popular use of Vetiver is adding a warm aroma to men’s soaps and colognes. You can create a personalized scent by adding Vetiver essential oil as a base note for a masculine DIY perfume.

4. Study scent

Let Vetiver’s complex and uplifting aroma help calm your mind so you can focus on the tasks that require the utmost attention. Perfect for study, difficult work tasks, or even curling up with a long novel, Vetiver essential oil’s fragrance creates a relaxing atmosphere where distractions lose their sway.

5. Thicker than Thieves®

Vetiver oil is known for its viscosity. Incredibly thick, it can sometimes be slow to flow from the bottle, but patience is a virtue, and there’s nothing wrong with your oil! Because Vetiver essential oil is so thick, we recommend adding it to a carrier oil before you put it in your diffuser.

V-6 Carrier Oil Vegetable Complex

6. In the tub

Relax from head to toe with a warm bath, aided by the calming aroma of 15–20 drops of Vetiver oil added to your evening soak. If you want to dim the lights and hit play on your favorite chill-out tunes, that’s between you and the Vetiver.

7. On your body

Combine a few drops of Vetiver essential oil with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for use in massage. All those unused “free foot rub” coupons that your significant other gave you last Valentine’s Day? You won’t regret putting them to use in an experience that can be deeply calming and moisturizing.

8. At home

Create a blend for your family that is warm and relaxing. Use 3 drops of Vetiver essential oil, 5 drops of Lavender, and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang in your diffuser to set the stage for nights in playing board games, reading, or just getting through homework and chores in a calmer atmosphere.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Smell - O - Vision!

Your life can be soooo much better when you have purged chemicals from your life!!  We'll tell you all about that in this class and a whole lot more!! 

October 25th at 7pm Leah and I will be hosting a Facebook Live Smell-o-Vision Oils 101 class!  What???  Yup, you'll have a sample of oil to smell while we are doing the class.  Your comments will be answered either during the class or in a separate video right after class. 

This is going to be a lot of fun!!  This class is designed for the person who hasn't had a chance to get their Premium Starter Kit yet, or has their kit and want a refresher.  It is also designed for people who are out of the area for our normal local classes. 

You KNOW you want to come.  Comment below or on our Facebook feeds to tell us you want the samples.  I'll need to mail them no later than the 20th....19th is even better!

Willy Wonka says you should come!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Christmas Catalog is here!

Today at our quarterly Rally, the beautiful Christmas Catalog was revealed with it's special season set and gifts.  Yes, I'd like one of each please!  I hope that you find some goodies in there.   If you are interested in an item and you are not a member, please let me know.  We'll get you taken care of!!

Click to see the online Catalog here.

Monday, October 2, 2017


The title says it all,  Did you know that Young Living is an international company.  That's right!!  They have members from all over the world.  Young Living Essential Oils ships to over 100 countries!!  Check out the list below.

I know that many of my friends from the rubber stamp world live all over the world.  If you have ever thought about essential oils, and want to start on your path to wellness, I can tell you how to become a member.  You'll get the same excellent personal customer care as my US members (in English of course) and you'll have access to our exclusive Facebook groups for oily talk and testimonials.  Comment below for more information!

When you become a wholesale member with Young Living, you save 24% off retail. We looking forward to working with you.

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