Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Some people would swear!

Marco Gentile made the following report.  It is him in the picture with the microphone so his experience is first hand.  THIS story is exactly why I love our company......we only want the best and our Seed to Seal promise selects, processes, distills, and bottles every oil with utmost care, accuracy and testing during the process. In fact, 20 different tests are completed at least three times for each batch of oil!  In my opinion, it is this type of commitment to purity that makes Young Living one of the best companies!
Many other companies adulterate their oils.  That means that they add in a chemical or another oil that smells like the real thing but will not work the same as the 100% pure oil.   Only testing can find the adulteration!

Here is Marco's story!
Gary Young had his first encounter with adulterated frankincense in 1997 when a third party broker assured Gary on a stack of Bibles (or should I say Quran's) that his very expensive, premium, “Howjari” grade “luban” oil was the best in the world. At the time, we were working with Jim Kababick at Flora Research who did our advanced biochemical analysis prior to Gary’s multiyear, million-dollar build-out of his own state-of-the-art Young Living essential oil analysis facilities.
When Gary parsed the report he was stunned: What smelled like frankincense (Boswellia carterii) was in fact “extended” frankincense: A small amount of real oil dissolved in 98% diethyl phthalate.
This incident prompted Gary to be the first to travel to Oman and Yemen to secure genuine frankincense and distill it himself. In this photo from 2010 we are interviewing a major Frankincense and Myrrh exporter in Yemen to secure a supply of authentic resin for distillation. Young Living is the only company in the world legally permitted to sell and distill Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) from Oman.