Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Bad Vibes

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I know that this has happened to know when you enter a room, whether at home or office, and there is just this 'bad' vibe in the room?  Sometimes it just hangs in the air like a heavy blanket.  Well, Here is a way you can help that atmosphere!  Palo Santo Essential Oil!

Palo Santo has a very distinct woodsy aroma which is positive and cleansing. It is found in South America and the name literally means, “sacred wood”.  Many Incans in South America have used it for years to clear the air of negative energy. That is exactly the bad vibe I was talking about!!  

The essential oil comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense and Myrrh. And here is the most interesting part of this oil......Young Living only distills the wood of dead, fallen trees! Peru government governs the harvest.  You'll find that the live trees may NOT be cut.  Only the fallen branches and twigs are harvested. Some say that the wood has to be dead for two years! 

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

ART is my favorite!

For decades I haven't used soap on my face.  Why?  Because I knew soap was drying and I didn't need that!  I also didn't use any kind of foundation type makeup and so didn't need to remove that type of makeup.  Hot water, toner and some moisturizer from a well known makeup company.  As I started to live my more natural lifestyle, I found that the toner and moisturizer I had been using had a number of toxins in it that I just didn't want on/in my body!  You do know that your skin is the largest organ of your body, right?'
I didn't have a good replacement for what I had deleted but my skin didn't 'seem' to notice the change.  Then I noticed something strange happening.  I found that the pores around my nose area had enlarged.  WHAT?  How and why did that happen?  
Fast forward three years to today.  Several things happened to change my skin care regimen.  First I learned from my Young Living Beauty School that after washing your face, you should definitely use toner.  Why?  Because toner helps to tighten your pores.  Well, now, that was an answer.  The second thing that changed my regimen was the Savvy Mineral Makeup from Young Living.  I was NEVER a user of cream foundation because I hated the way it felt on my skin. When the Savvy Minerals entered the scene, I found that the mineral makeup was so light I didn't even know I had it on! And I loved the way I looked wearing it.  But it also presented a new problem for to clean my face with my normal hot water wasn't cutting it.  
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So.....enter in the ART skin care system by Young Living.  It doesn't have any of the toxins that I was trying to avoid.  The cleanser was perfect for removing the mineral makeup.  The toner did its job and my pores around the nose area are back to normal for me!  Then the feels so wonderful on my skin.  I often add an essential oil to it as well.  Frankincense is a favorite as well as Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.  Both are excellent for skin support which my older skin needed. 
So, the safe natural solution to remove and cleanse our face at the end of the day is the ART system, in my opinion!  
It is only 3 steps.
  • I gently wash my face with the cleaner. (That bottle has lasted me for months)
  • Tone with the toner (I only use about 5 drops on a cotton ball)
  • And moisturize to begin and end my day on a fresh note. (One little squirt)
The moisturizer is already Infused with essential oils like Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Melissa, and Lavender, so I know I am using the best essential oils for my skin.  I just sometimes bump it up with a little extra!

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Steve Martin in my head

So you remember the movie, The Jerk, starring Steve Martin.  One of my favorite clips from that movie is when he runs around screaming "The new phone books are here!  The new phone books are here!"  He was soooo excited.

Well, today I'm excited but for the 2019 Young Living Catalog!  The new catalogs are here!  This catalog will include all the new oils that have been added to our lineup as well as any other new products! 

You can view it HERE.  If you are interested in a catalog of your own, they are $10 including postage from me to you.

Monday, February 4, 2019

My favorite 'F' word!

You thought it would be something else I bet but my favorite 'F' word is Frankincense!  From ancient days, Frankincense has been a highly acclaimed oil and good enough to be brought to baby Jesus. You will find yourself feeling calmer and more grounded by simply removing the top of the essential oil bottle and taking a big whiff! 
Every morning Frank jumps into my moisturizer and give my face the skin support that it craves!  Results?  Beautiful skin!  
Want to support normal cell health?  Just add a drop of Frank Vitality into your Ningxia Red drink or in a veggie capsule.   Who wouldn’t love to support normal cell health with a drop of Frankincense Vitality added to their NingXia Red or in a veggie capsule?!
I've also heard that you can diffuse Frankincense while you are studying and then use it on a piece of diffuser jewelry when you take the test you studied for!  Result....better recall.  Give it a try!

If you are interested in trying Frankincense for yourself, contact us using the form to the right and we can order for you. is also one of the oils in our Premium Starter Kit!!

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

For the love of Peppermint!

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Oh, Peppermint!!  When you are diffused, your fresh and minty scent invigorates my mind and body!!  You presence on my feet make me energized during my workouts!  You are the perfect complement to sugar scrubs.    When I diffuse you with Lemon and Lavender, you make seasonal breathing so much easier.  Placing you on the back of my neck is not only cooling in the summer but can simmer down a nagging head. 

And you, Peppermint Vitality, I can always count on you to freshen my breath.  You also soothe my stomach after I add you to a glass of water.  When I bake, you make anything chocolate taste amazing. 

We have just touched the surface of you, dear Peppermint!!

If you would like to be able to have your own Peppermint, contact us using the contact form to the right!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

For the love of Thieves!

During the month of February, most people turn their attention to all things we love.  For many it is date nights, roses, chocolates, and family time.  But today, I would like to take some time to express my love for one of my favorite Young Living products.  (I'll post more throughout the month)  
Young Living has a ton of products that I really love from basic essential oils to personal care products that show love to our bodies.  And don't forget products to take care of our home; where our hearts reside. were one of the first Young Living blends I fell in love with. Your Christmas-like spicy scent comforts me but I know I can diffuse you any time of year and rub you on the hands and feet of all my family members including the kids!  And, now I can enjoy you in the handy premade roller bottle as well!
I love adding a drop or two of Thieves Vitality to teas, apples, and sweet treats for a boost of wellness.  My mother gets a drop in many of her morning protein smoothies to support her immune system.  My feet see Thieves often at night and in the morning to boost my immune system.  You can also drop some in your Ningxia Red drink to give you a double whammie of immune support.  

To get Thieves for yourself, contact us using the contact form to the right!  With the winter months, you can use all the immune support you can get!!

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Do you have Winter Face?

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In the Pacific Northwest, we experience harsh cold weather on a random basis and not for very long.  BUT, one thing that winter does for most of us is dry out our skin.  Why would that happen in the PNW where we aren't getting the snow and wind like the frigid mid West?  Well.......most all of us are using our heating system which naturally dries out the air in your home.  For those of you living in the other parts of the country where Old Man Winter is making it miserable, your skin is even drier.

Dry skin just looks dull.  Have you ever noticed that?  It just craves a little moisture!  So, let's help it out with a couple of things!  First let's talk about a DIY toner.

This DIY toner works great to restore the skin’s pH, reduce the appearance of pores, and refreshes tried Winter skin. Plus, it feels amazing on the skin and is free from toxic chemicals!! So that is a win-win!

DIY Toner  Special thanks to Leslie White of The Mix for sharing.
💦4 oz spray bottle
💦Witch hazel (alcohol-free)
💦Apple cider vinegar or ACV
💦Distilled water
💦15 drops Young Living Frankincense Essential OIl
💦15 drops Young Living Lavender Essential OIl
💦5-10 drops Young Living Tea Tree Essential Oil or other skin loving Young Living oils like Manuka or Kunzea
💦5 drops Young Living Patchouli Essential Oil
▪️Add oils and swirl to combine
▪️Fill 1/4 up with witch hazel
▪️Fill 1/4 up with ACV
▪️Fill rest with water
▪️Swirl to combine before use
How To use:
After cleansing face, spray directly on skin or onto cotton round and apply to skin. Let soak in before moisturizing, and enjoy!

Super Easy Moisturizer

One of my favorite ways to moisturize my face is to use Jojoba carrier oil and Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil.  Why Jojoba?  If you look at the Comedogenic chart about carrier oils, it rates them from 1 to 5 with 1 being the best.  Jojoba is a 2 so I know that it shouldn't clog my pores on my face.  

So, every morning I use three to four drops of Jojoba oil and add a drop of the Frankincense.  I know what you next question will be!  Why Frankincense?  Because Frank (my favorite) is superior for your skin support and is wonderful in evening out skin tone.  

To get any of the oils listed in this post, please contact us using the contact form to the right!  We'll get you taken care of!