Saturday, April 16, 2016

New Member kit change up!

Just last Month our beautiful New member kit was changed up a little.  Did the oils in the kit change?  Well, not really.......the labeling on 5 of the oils is different though.  The top row debuts the new Vitality labeling.  This is the same oil that was in the old bottles, just with a new label.  The Vitality series is safe for ingestion as indicated on the label.    You can read all about the new Vitality series of oils in our older posts.  If you are interested in getting a kit like this in order to receive full wholesale pricing on all products, please let us know and we'll help you in the comment section with contact info OR message us if you are one of our friends on Facebook.  It is a wonderful bargain and a super way to start with oils!  A diffuser, 11 oils, and lots of samples to share!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Journey

What is a journey?  It usually starts with a destination in mind....but not always.  It almost always has a purpose.  My journey had a purpose but I couldn't find the least not at first.  It was a little over a year ago when I started on my journey. I had a purpose in mind but was having a hard time finding the road.  Then, something happened and the road was revealed. 

What was my purpose?  To eliminate the chemicals that were bombarding my body every day using just the necessities!  

When I was searching the most, someone I trusted showed me possibilities.  It was an 'ah-ha!' moment and the road appeared!  I wanted a healthier life free from chemicals and the way was revealed through my friend. It was a simple way and one that helped me achieve my goal WAY beyond what I had expected.

When I started my journey, I did it for ME. I did it because it works! I did it because I know that God has a better idea than the companies that use chemicals to take the place of something He already had created. I don't know it all but I do KNOW that God placed essential oils in my life at the perfect time and I LOVE them! They are my passion. I searched for the best and I found them!

So.......When will you start your journey? 


Monday, April 4, 2016

New Spring Catalog

Have you wondered about getting essential oils for gift giving. is not Christmas BUT Mother's Day and Father's Day are coming up and Young Living has a Spring Catalog for you with exclusive products in that will only available until June 20 or as long as supplies last!

When you place your monthly Young Living order, you will be getting one of these catalogs but until then, you can use the link below to view it online.  If you aren't a Young Living member yet and are interested in more information, please comment below with your contact information and we'll let you know how easy it is.

I had a chance to look through it already and I think the Kitchen Vitality oil set would be one of the wonderful options for a Mother's Day gift!!  What do you like in the catalog?