Thursday, December 28, 2017

Two local classes!

As the wrapping paper and ribbon have been cleared from the floor and presents have been put in their place, it is time to look forward to the New Year.  With the New Year many of us go down the road of making resolutions.  This year, let's make your skin a priority and your first resolution!  We all know that eating good and drinking lots of water is great for your skin but good skin care is also necessary.  Our class on Young Living Skin Care is a perfect time for you to come and learn about the many products that Young Living offers.  You will get hands-on practice with a number of products.  AND there will also be a demo of the toxin-free Savvy Minerals Mineral makeup.  Afterwards you'll get to test which colors are best for you.   So, come and learn some of the information Ann learned at the Young Living Beauty School!  The class is on Saturday, Jan 6th at 7pm at Ann's home. This class has a $20 fee.   So, tell us you are coming!!  RSVP to Ann or Leah by Jan 3rd via email, text, or FB message....or the old fashioned way of calling!  Class address will be sent to those who RSVP.

The other class is for non-members to learn about oils.  If you have friends who are interested in learning more about oils this is a perfect class to invite them to attend.  Attend the class with them to help them feel more comfortable.  Here is what we will cover:

You'll get to learn all about essential oils. 
·         What they are
·         Why purity matters
·         How to use them safely
·         Ways to use them
·         Why to use them
·         And the best way you can get started with essential oils

The non-member will get to make something using essential oils to take home for fun!

There is NO fee for this class.  So, come relax with us.  Refresh yourself with some oil infused goodies and get ready to learn!

This class is on Friday, January 5th at 7pm.....also at Ann's home. RSVP by Jan 3rd. 

If you and your friends would like to attend both the Oils 101 AND the skin care class, we are offering them together.  We would have you arrive at 6pm instead of 7pm on Saturday, Jan 6th.   RSVP by the 3rd.

Friday, December 22, 2017

THAT smells nice! OR does it?

In the past we have talked about Young Living Diffusers and Wax warmers.  Today we are going to expand and talk a little more about fragrances in general. 

How many of you use plug-ins?  Do you use laundry products with fragrance?  How about your lotions, deodorants, cleaning products or bath products?  Did you say yes to ANY of these questions?  If you did, then you should take two minutes to read this article from Natural Health 365.  It talks about those fragrances and what they are really doing to you.  READ IT HERE.

Now. that you have read the article you may be wondering what you CAN do to make your home and person fresh smelling.  It is possible!  How?  Did you really need to ask?  Young Living Essential Oils of course!  Not only can you use them in a diffuser to make your home smell amazing but you can use them in your cleaning products, lotions, bath products and so much more.  Young Living even makes cleaning products without the harmful fragrances and chemicals you should avoid.

So.....what are you waiting for?  Ditch the fragrances and come over to wellness with me!  Comment here that you are ready to start or give Leah or Ann a pm on Facebook!

Friday, December 15, 2017

No bubbles!

Ann thought the dish soap she used was pretty did say environmentally friendly.  But when she scanned it into the Think Dirty app, the fragrance in the soap make it a toxic 9 on the scale of 10.  Yikes!    So, she made the change to Young Living's Thieves Dish Soap.  

It does take a little to get used to as it doesn’t bubble. Really, none of Young Living's liquid cleaners bubble: the laundry soap, shampoos, and Thieves household cleaners included.
There are a several good reasons for this: 
1) Essential oils change the surface tension of bubbles, making them more likely to pop, and 
2) Most bubbles you find in liquid soaps are a byproduct of SLS or Sodium Lareth (or Lauryl) Sulfate.
SLS is a very common surfactant found in about 30% of cleaning products, and much of this is synthetic. SLS is a known ocular irritant, dermal irritant, can be absorbed across the skin, and may also be associated with hair loss and aquatic toxicity. Therefore Young Living chose to exclude it from their products.  (side is also found in many toothpastes)

So, take a tip: Skip the bubbles!! They mean nothing for the cleansing power of the product.  Thieves Dish Soap is the natural alternative!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dr Doug Corrigan Part 2

If you missed part one of Dr. Doug Corrigan's article on why the Distillation Process Matters, you can go HERE to read it!  Read it first before this article so this article makes more sense to you.

The next part about why distillation matters has to do with making your own synergies.  What is a synergy?  A synergy is where you have blended more than one essential oil together to create a new and different product.  The new product can oft times do more for you than a single product.  What?  Yes, it is true! 

This information follows up on Doug's part one article noted above and the article on Synergies makes it totally understandable why the distillation process is even more important.  As requested by Dr. Doug, I am sharing a link where you can find his article about Synergies.  He and his wife, Amy, have an absolutely wonderful Facebook page called Shedding Light on Essential Oils.  I highly recommend that you join the group.  You don't have to be a Young Living member to access his information either! is the link to the article.  Come back here and tell me what you thought about the article!