Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lemon is the Star Today!

One of the other ingredients in Leah's Moisturizer Recipe  is Lemon. The Moisturizer isn't the only thing the Lemon is good for! Here is a great little graphic that shows you more!

Leah and Ann have been putting Lemon Essential Oil* in our water during the day and it is very refreshing!  If you decide you want to use the Lemon Essential oil in your water, please start slowly. Lemon is detoxifying. Using too much at once can be a shock on your body. Start off with just a drop or two in your morning water. Then build up from there.

Ann also uses it along with Peppermint in her diffuser for the most uplifting mix!

Stay tuned! Coming up next will be information on how we make our own toothpaste!

*  Not all Lemon essential oils are created equal.  Young Living Lemon is very pure and is safe to ingest.  Not all Lemon oils are safe to ingest!  If your bottle says Do Not Ingest, don't!

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