Monday, April 20, 2015

What is she doing?

Here is Ann's mother, Charlotte. You can see that she is diffusing the Young Living oil called Purification. She discovered that diffusing this oil was absolutely wonderful. Especially when you start to use a bottle of ammonia when you THOUGHT you had grabbed the bottle of rubbing alcohol. Purification eliminated the ammonia smell throughout her area AND helped clear it out of her head as well! Charlotte LOVES diffusing her oils and chooses a new one every day to experiment.  That is pretty good for a 90 year old!! See.......oils are for all ages! This diffuser is the one that comes with the Starter Kit.  Ann had another diffuser that she had ordered online and you do get what you pay for. She had paid $30 for the old diffuser and it is really pitiful compared to this one. It just doesn't put out the mist as much!  Loving our oils!!  #OilNingXias

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