Thursday, July 28, 2016

Use this instead of Dryer Sheets!

I love clean smelling laundry, don't you?!! Long ago, I thought that since I didn't dry my clothes on a clothesline that the only way to get that outdoor freshness was to use a detergent that had a fragrance, OR a fabric softener that had a fragrance.  When those fragrances started to bother me, I went to all fragrance free detergents and softeners. Then, dryer sheets came on the market.  I was thrilled because they were so convenient.  Just throw on in the dryer.  The fragrance free ones gave me softness without the scent that bothered me. The clothes were clean but didn't have that clean scent that we have been trained to love.

I happened upon a website that is a guide to healthy cleaning.  It tells you all about the chemicals in your cleaning products and how they rate on the healthy scale.  It was very eye opening.  Lets look at dryer sheets for instance.  I choose Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets because we all want to have outdoor fresh smelling clothing, right?  Click on this link to see the results!

Using the information from the website above it is easy to see that the air in your home is ofttimes more polluted than the air outside?  Yup.....wanna know why?  When you use cleaning supplies that contain chemicals, they pollute the air in our home.  If you aren't regularly airing your home, your air is very polluted.  So, what can you do about this and what does it have to do with dryer sheets!

Go chemical free! How? Dryer balls and essential oils!  So easy and totally chemical free. You can make dryer balls yourself (click here) or purchase them already made.  3 - 6 balls tumble with your clothes helping to reduce static and drying them quickly.   THEN, you can drop essential oils on the balls to scent your clothes any way you want.  Use Young Living Lavender Essential Oil when you dry your sheets to help you drift away easily at night.  Use Young Living Purification Essential Oil to dry sports clothing or animal blankets. OR, try using Orange, Cinnamon and Nutmeg for handtowels......yummy!

There is no end to the ideas!

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