Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Allergy Relief

Written by Leah

Congestion, itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, all around ick.

The 2015 allergy season has been pretty brutal in the Pacific Northwest and we are still in full bloom. In the last few years my allergies have gotten increasingly worse. Growing up I never had them so I'm am digging up research to see what the cause may be (chemical overload, diet, etc.) I'm certain there is an answer though I haven't figured it out yet. As soon as do you will be the first to know.

In the mean time I have been searching for relief outside of traditional medications. So where did I turn this year? Oils! Yea, Yea I know I might sound like a broken record but I found personal success using essential oils and now my first question is, 'Is there an essential oil to help with that?' It didn't take much research to find the Allergy Trio. I saw many testimonials where the trio helped others so I mixed myself some and tried it out. The trio did well in helping me cope with my congestion, runny nose and scratchy throat especially while I slept so I want to share it with you.

The first star of the Trio is Peppermint! The second is Lemon and the third is Lavender. The three mixed together are wonderful at soothing your sinuses and making breathing a little easier. I personally liked the 'pick me up' I got from the smell.

There are several ways you can use this trio so here are a few.

Put one drop of each on your palm,
rub your hands together and cup them over your nose.
Breathe in for several minutes (I found this to work well at work)


Put equal drops of each in your diffuser to
fill the room and help everyone at once.


Put in a roll-on bottle with or without a small amount
of carrier oil and apply to your wrists, behind your ears,
and on the back of your neck.  Roller bottles are
a great way to travel with the trio.


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