Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vitality - Bottled just for you - Part 1

Young Living is upping the ante again!  When the FDA said that they could only list two of the three possible uses for their oils on a bottle that presented a dilemma!  How do you tell people that it is good for ingestion as well as aromatic and topical?  Their answer is a new line of oils called Vitality!  Each oil is specifically marked for ingestion.  Over the next four posts I'll be featuring the four sections of the Vitality line.  The awesome thing about the new line is that they are all presented in the smaller 5 ml bottle.  That means two things for you!  It will cost less to 'try' out that new oil to see if it is for you!  AND it is an awesome size to take with you in your purse to add to foods while you are out and about.  So......without is the first group!

The Vitality Citrus Collection is really perfect for the start of the new year!  Adding citrus oils to your water will help you up your consumption because it just tastes so good!  Added water in your diet is GOOD for you!  Then the constituent D-Limonene is in all three oils.  It can work to pull some of the bad stuff out!!  That brings me to another subject......drinking bottles.  Please remember to add your citrus oils ONLY to glass or metal containers.  NEVER plastic.  The Limonene will pull toxins out of the plastic right into your water.........pretty much defeating the purpose!   

The oils are also great in a number of topical recipes including cellulite creams and more.  If you use in this manner, please remember that citrus oils are photosensitive.  Do not expose the skin you applied the oil to for approximately 12 hours!  

Some say that the Grapefruit EO helps curb their sugar cravings.  Awesome!

Speaking of Grapefruit.........remember that during the month of January Ann is offered a free 15 ml bottle of Grapefruit with an purchase of a Premium Starter Kit.  Only Two left!  Hurry now!!

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