Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How a Diffuser Works

Amy Chomas, guest poster, says:

Every wonder how the diffuser works, in easy to follow and understand terms? Well I'm here to tell you.
A diffuser operates using Bernoulli’s Principle. Diffusers tend to be large at the bottom and small at the top. The large space at the bottom is where the ultrasonic plate vibrates, shaking up the oil particles and mixing them with the mist that’s produced.
The mist floats to the top of the diffuser, which gets more narrow at the top, ending in a small opening.
With the narrowed space at the top, the vapor pressure increases, and the speed at which it moves decreases. It’s like the rush of a crowd through the Target doors on Black Friday. They reach the doors and everyone gets squeezed together.
Once the vapor passes through the hole in the diffuser, pressure decreases and the speed it moves increases. The vapor literally explodes up and out of the diffuser, filling your room with the humidified air and essential oils. Again, you can think of the chaos inside Target as shoppers actually make it through the doors.


Thank you, Amy!  Now that you know how it works, maybe you might like to consider borrowing Ann's diffuser to see how you like it!  Choose one of the options below and let her know.  Please note that this is available only to those who live within the Metro Portland, Oregon area as the diffuser will not be mailed.   Our next post will be about different types of diffusers available from Young Living.

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