Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oil Club!

Have you thought about using Essential Oils and just don't know where to start?  We have the perfect solution for you.  Oil Club!!  The club meets once a month (local OR online) and features one oil each month.  For a low club fee you receive a 30 drop sample of the oil of the month along with information sheets telling you about the oil and its benefits.  You have the month to 'play' with your oil so you can discover for yourself the ways you like to use it.  On the next club meeting you return to tell the group how you used your oil of the month and ask questions.  You then receive the next oil of the month and you are good for another month!  Easy and inexpensive way to experiment with essential oils and find out if they are for you!!

Interested?  Below are the fees and ways you can participate.


  • Ask us to be added to our Oil Club Facebook group (or contact us here if you aren't on Facebook).  
  • Fill out the local form that gives us the best way to contact you with oil club information.
  • First month fee is $5 which includes your informational folder and your first oil sample.  
  • The fee for the following months will be approximately $3 for the oil and the additional sheets to add to your folder.  
  • Local members just tell us they will be attending and pay for their sample at the meeting.
  • We are currently meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Oregon City.


  • Being on Facebook is a requirement for this version of the club.  
  • Ask us to be added to our Oil Club Facebook group.  
  • Fill out the online form showing your payment preference and your contact preference.    
  • Each month your fee is approximately $5 which includes your oil sample and the postage to send it to you.  
  • Online members can pay via check or PP and their sample is mailed when payment is received.
  • Online member's folder pages are sent the day of the oil club meeting as a .pdf file.

Both Clubs

  • Both clubs meet on the third Monday of the Month.  
  • Oil of the month is announced a week in advance and it is your choice whether you participate or not.  
  • Questions about the oil of the month are encouraged!

We would LOVE to share the love of our oils with you!  Want to join?
 Just let us know in the comments area below or on the Facebook post where this appeared!  Our March Oil of the Month is Lavender and you don't want to miss it!

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