Friday, December 22, 2017

THAT smells nice! OR does it?

In the past we have talked about Young Living Diffusers and Wax warmers.  Today we are going to expand and talk a little more about fragrances in general. 

How many of you use plug-ins?  Do you use laundry products with fragrance?  How about your lotions, deodorants, cleaning products or bath products?  Did you say yes to ANY of these questions?  If you did, then you should take two minutes to read this article from Natural Health 365.  It talks about those fragrances and what they are really doing to you.  READ IT HERE.

Now. that you have read the article you may be wondering what you CAN do to make your home and person fresh smelling.  It is possible!  How?  Did you really need to ask?  Young Living Essential Oils of course!  Not only can you use them in a diffuser to make your home smell amazing but you can use them in your cleaning products, lotions, bath products and so much more.  Young Living even makes cleaning products without the harmful fragrances and chemicals you should avoid.

So.....what are you waiting for?  Ditch the fragrances and come over to wellness with me!  Comment here that you are ready to start or give Leah or Ann a pm on Facebook!

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