Sunday, January 21, 2018

Do you really absorb chemicals in makeup?

The simple answer is YES!!  This is a big reason why we LOVE our new Savvy Minerals Makeup and Young Living Skin Care.  In fact, we just got done with our Skin Care class last Saturday and we all learned so much.  Essential oils hitch hike on botanicals and offer wonderful benefits for your skin. 

You might like to read this article about chemicals in cosmetics!  HERE

AND......stay tuned because there will be a brand new premium starter kit featuring the Savvy Minerals Makeup.  It will be available on February 1st and is the perfect way for you to enter into membership with Young Living and get wonderful makeup!  Each kit will contain:

One Foundation (you choose one of four colors - Cool 2, Warm 2, Dark 1, and Dark 4)

Then it contains pre-picked colors designed to go with your chosen foundation.
1 Blush
3 Eye Shadows
1 Misting Spray
1 Foundation Brush (these are soft! and they pick up the minerals perfectly)
1 Lipgloss

This kit's retail value is somewhere around $250 and will be available to you for only $150!!!

More info about the kit including pictures coming soon!

Here is a video about the kit!

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