Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Which do you do?

Real or artificial? Which one do you do?  For years I refused to succumb to an artificial tree.  I loved the scent and feel of a real tree.  We love to go out and find that perfect (or usually the imperfect tree).  No matter how imperfect, once decorated, it looked beautiful even if you did have to wire in a branch or pull up a branch with wire to fill in a hole!  LOL.  
This year the price of a 12 ft noble was crazy.  Because of a shortage and several bad summers we knew that tree prices would continue to go up.  So.......we made the artificial jump with a 9' tree from Costco.  We weren't as happy because it just didn't have that wonderful smell and feel of a real tree.  After all the decorations were on, it looked more like OUR tree.  So what was really left was to give it a great smell like a real tree.  So here is a diffuser mix for that Christmas tree scent.  You can either put the mix into a passive diffuser ornament like the one pictured below or put it into your electric cool mix diffuser!  Enjoy!!

Christmas Tree Farm Diffuser Mix
5 drops Young Living Pine essential oil
2 drops Young Living Cedarwood 
2 drops Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce

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