Saturday, February 16, 2019

ART is my favorite!

For decades I haven't used soap on my face.  Why?  Because I knew soap was drying and I didn't need that!  I also didn't use any kind of foundation type makeup and so didn't need to remove that type of makeup.  Hot water, toner and some moisturizer from a well known makeup company.  As I started to live my more natural lifestyle, I found that the toner and moisturizer I had been using had a number of toxins in it that I just didn't want on/in my body!  You do know that your skin is the largest organ of your body, right?'
I didn't have a good replacement for what I had deleted but my skin didn't 'seem' to notice the change.  Then I noticed something strange happening.  I found that the pores around my nose area had enlarged.  WHAT?  How and why did that happen?  
Fast forward three years to today.  Several things happened to change my skin care regimen.  First I learned from my Young Living Beauty School that after washing your face, you should definitely use toner.  Why?  Because toner helps to tighten your pores.  Well, now, that was an answer.  The second thing that changed my regimen was the Savvy Mineral Makeup from Young Living.  I was NEVER a user of cream foundation because I hated the way it felt on my skin. When the Savvy Minerals entered the scene, I found that the mineral makeup was so light I didn't even know I had it on! And I loved the way I looked wearing it.  But it also presented a new problem for to clean my face with my normal hot water wasn't cutting it.  
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So.....enter in the ART skin care system by Young Living.  It doesn't have any of the toxins that I was trying to avoid.  The cleanser was perfect for removing the mineral makeup.  The toner did its job and my pores around the nose area are back to normal for me!  Then the feels so wonderful on my skin.  I often add an essential oil to it as well.  Frankincense is a favorite as well as Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.  Both are excellent for skin support which my older skin needed. 
So, the safe natural solution to remove and cleanse our face at the end of the day is the ART system, in my opinion!  
It is only 3 steps.
  • I gently wash my face with the cleaner. (That bottle has lasted me for months)
  • Tone with the toner (I only use about 5 drops on a cotton ball)
  • And moisturize to begin and end my day on a fresh note. (One little squirt)
The moisturizer is already Infused with essential oils like Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Melissa, and Lavender, so I know I am using the best essential oils for my skin.  I just sometimes bump it up with a little extra!

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