Friday, May 15, 2020


Does your new normal include washing your hands.  I know it does for me!!  Want to make washing your hands easy and smell really good?  Well.......from Today until May 31st, you are getting a gift!!  Yup!!  When you decide that your new normal will include wellness with essential oils, CBD, or Ningxia, you get to clean up your act with a free bottle of our Lemon Lushious foaming hand soap.  

I have this soap and I LOVE it! It almost makes me want to wash my hands even more just so I can smell it!  AND the ingredients are Toxin free.  Nothing made by Young Living has toxins.  Ridding my house of toxins was the first reason I started to use Young Living products. an extra bonus when you decide which kit you want, I personally have a beautiful educational book bundle to gift to you as a new member!  

So.................which kit will you decide on?  

Make sure you ask me some questions cause I know you have some!  The CBD kit is available in all 50 states.....yeah I knew you might ask that question.  I listed the kit I like the most first because it gives you THE best value for essential oils AND a diffuser!

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