Monday, December 7, 2015

Days of Christmas - Day 5

The weekend around our house was filled to the brim with parties and the task of getting ready for them.  We will be posting day 5 today even though it really is day 7!  After working hard for days getting the house all decorated for Christmas and rushing back and forth from one end of the house to another, this Young Living product would have really been helpful to my aching muscles.  It will have to be on my next order!

Cool Azul™ Sports Gel is formulated with an unprecedented 10 percent (10 ml) of pure essential oils in every 3.4-oz. tube. The lead ingredient, aloe vera, further adds to its uniqueness by making the formula’s base highly beneficial. Along with hydrating the skin, our sports gel also boasts a topically cooling blend of Peppermint essential oil, menthol, and camphor and includes Plectranthus Oregano and Young Living-exclusive Dorado Azul essential oil.

The naturally derived ingredients give Cool Azul Sports Gel a unique consistency that makes application convenient and easy for anyone, including physical, sports, and massage therapists alike. No matter your training or fitness level, Cool Azul Sports Gel is a perfect choice to use before or after physical activity.

So, if you love to go to the gym, this should be a mainstay in your gym bag!!

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