Saturday, December 5, 2015

Oily Christmas - Day 4

Peppermint.  Of all the scents in the world, peppermint could possibly be the favorite, don't you think?  Now, Peppermint Essential oil is overly useful.  Cooking, diffusing, and using to promote a healthy digestion, and freshen your breathe!  Throbbing in your head?  Yup, peppermint! You can even use it layered over oils when you don't care for their smell (like Digize for me).  Probably my most favorite oil!   You have two days until I send in my you want to try a bottle of peppermint for yourself?  Let me know by Monday morning!  Try peppermint for yourself and you will be IN LOVE!  No candy cane smell to this either (that tells you that it has been over processed) only the smell of a fresh crushed leaf of peppermint straight from your garden.

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