Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rant on poor customer service

Rant on poor customer service from a bag company. Cross Posted. Stacy, if you don't allow this, please delete and let me know.

You know when you receive wonderful Customer service like we do with YL, you just expect everyone else to have the same CS, right? I have purchased several orders from www.yourorganzabag.com. Been pleased with the product BUT.......On my last attempt not pleased. When my purchase in the cart when to PayPal where I paid for my order, I never got a confirmation for my order. I thought it was strange but sometimes you don't see that e-mail come through right away. That was on Dec 4th. On Monday the 7th, I started to e-mail them to question why I didn't get the confirmation. It would have been simple for them to complete this order and get it to me on time. They, however, had to be badgered to answer e-mails. I contacted them everyday during the week to receive only two e-mails back from them. Today, they claim my payment was $10 short. Excuse me, their cart sent me to PayPal with the amount. If it was short it was the problem with their cart. They did nothing to make this matter right and I'll be darned if I will give them any more business even if another site charges more for the product I needed. The bags were for the Make & Take party I had last Saturday. I told them that I would report to my numerous Facebook groups of their awful CS and here I am. If you wish to let them know that their customer service causes you pause to order, it would be awesome (but not required). Their e-mail is sales@giftsintl.com. Buyer beware!!

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