Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dirty Dozen - Cleaners

Last week we talked about the Dirty Dozen of Cosmetics.  I hope you got a chance to read through it and go to your bathroom and check your own stash of products to see if they contained the bad stuff. we will talk about the Dirty Dozen of Cleaners.  Actually there are WAY more than a dozen Toxic chemicals in your cleaners.  You shouldn't have to use protective eyewear, rubber gloves and a mask when you clean.

Recently I found the attached article from the Environmental Work Group about some of the worst cleaners you can have in your home.  Let me tell you that I was shocked to see some products on the list that I thought we okay!!  You can see that list HERE.  They call it the Cleaners Hall of Shame.

Before we start to talk about the Chemicals in y our cleaners, get on your phone and download the app called Think Dirty.  It is has a database that is growing everyday.  You can scan the barcode on your products and it will rate it from 1 - 10 on a toxin level.  10 is the worst.  You are also able to click on the ingredients of a product and see the individual ratings of each ingredient.  Baby Shampoo......rates around a 9!!  Dish soaps like Dawn are also rated high.  Many times because of the fragrance!!  So, in the picture to the left is a starter list for you.  10 Dangerous Chemicals that you really need to BAN from your home!  Go to your cupboard and grab the cleaners that you are using.

Now here is the most scary part...........look at the picture to the right.  If you think the FDA has your back, think again.  Many of the chemicals that they allow in our cleaning products have been banned in other countries.  It makes you wonder why we are in the dark ages.  I mean, 1976 was a long time ago and there are thousands of chemicals that have been added to the list since then.  Don't think they are working for you, because they are not!

If 84,000 sounds like a large number, IT IS!!  There were only 10 listed above.  Here are another 15!

Now you know what I'm going to say next, right?  After all, this is a blog that loves essential oils and the products that contain them.  This post is no different.  If you have been wondering what in the world you can use to clean your home when there are so many chemicals in the products that you always use, think no more.  I've banned almost all those products and replaced them with the Thieves cleaning products.  The ingredients in Thieves Household Cleaner is all derived from plant based ingredients which makes them more safe for you.  I got my first bottle of it and then it sat on my shelf........not to be used for a YEAR.  Why?  Because I was afraid.  Yup.......I thought that dilution chart was too hard to understand (it isn't) and I thought that it wouldn't be nearly as good as the cleaners I was using.  I was soooo wrong.

If you are on Facebook, there is a cool event group called 30 days of Spring Cleaning with Thieves Cleaner.  It doesn't cost you anything to join and there are a lot of ideas of how to use it.  Tell me to add you.

So.....did you grab a cleaner from under your sink?  Did it have toxins in it?  Do you feel good cleaning your counters with it and putting food immediately on top of it?  If you answered yes to the first two questions and No to the last question then you are ready for a change and Thieves is that change.  Don't delay.  Tell us today that you are ready to kick the chemicals to the curb.

After you have the Thieves Cleaner, you can also look at the Thieves laundry soap, Thieves dish soap, Thieves dishwasher soap, Thieves fruit wash and so much more!!

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