Friday, March 29, 2019

Great toxin free sink cleaner!

Thank you to Elizabeth Bailey who shares this!
Does anyone else, start cleaning dishes and think about how dirty your sink might be? Umm, I do!! If you’re like me, I have the recipe for you!
Sink Cleaner
Baking Soda
Thieves Cleaner
First, I take baking soda and sprinkle it all over my sink. Next I mix one capful of thieves cleaner with 4 cups of vinegar. I like to put this in a spray bottle and give it a good shake. I then spray the sink down and let it sit. After about five minutes, I scrub the sink and rinse it with warm water.
I love using this at least once a week. It leaves my sink shiny and grease free. The first time I did this, I could not believe how dirty my sponge was.

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