Friday, March 8, 2019

Old Standby.

Thieves is getting a lot of attention this month as we share about many of the household uses with the Thieves product line to keep your home clean. Let's not forget to give credit to an old standby, Lemon essential oil, for its effectiveness in helping us stay clean.

Germs on a Plane! Forget snakes, oilers, even the likes of Samuel L. Jackson would cringe at the thought of sneezy, sniffling airline passengers...sticky-handed kiddos...and fellow flyers smuggling stinky to-go food on his flight! We've all been there. Looking around at the gate, our imaginations run wild as we begin to wonder how that 15-minutes between this and the last flight could possibly be enough time to totally sanitize that Boeing top to bottom, right?

No photo description available.So, what's an oiler to do?

While we always think of Thieves in a pinch when it comes to killing bacteria (I'm sure you've all seen the petri dish tests up against bleach --> BOOM!), use of the oil or spray may be too strong for some in a confined space shared by many people, so Thieves wipes and Thieves Hand Purifier are great alternatives on a plane. BUT, after many flights, I have found that one of the simplest and most cost-effective single oils (also from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit) is KING OF THE FRIENDLY SKIES!
Enter the cleansing action of Lemon oil, the most basic scent we associate with cleanliness, and one most will welcome even on a packed or cranky flight!

On a plane, I'm always pack'n travel tissues and a mini 1oz glass spray bottle filled with 10 drops of Lemon YLEO and topped off with water. If you don't have a spray, just bring your Lemon oil and add a drop straight from the bottle to your tissue and get to work before snapping that seatbelt. Wipe down your hand rests and tray table, and even the TV and controller on those longer flights, and heck, do us all a favor and spray down the lavatory, if you must go in there!

If it's a long or particularly stinky flight, try a drop of Lemon oil on a diffuser necklace or tissue then tuck it into your top jacket pocket (instant aroma-fashion!) then breathe deeply to enjoy the germ-slaying mini diffusion (is that a word?) before take-off! I always wear a round cotton headband on long flights because it doubles as a scarf that can easily be turned into a diffuser around the neck or over the nose and mouth too (ATV lovers who want to avoid inhaling mud and dust on the trails know what I'm talking about here). If the hacking and stinking hits an all-time high on the plane, just apply a drop of Lemon oil to a tissue and stuff it into your scarf then pull it up over your the bridge of your nose and breathe deeply!

Oh, and you may also want to huff Lemon straight from the bottle if there's drama on the plane and you're in a hurry to detach and have peace all the way to your Final Destination (just don't watch that movie before flying). Now, repeat after me: I'm inhaling bright, refreshing, uplifting awesomeness, and exhaling yucky in-flight plane germs, smells and drama!

You might also find the uplifting aroma of Lemon oil to provide positive emotional support if you're down about leaving home or not super psyched about a business trip (must not be for Young Living because convention, team meet-ups, and rank retreats are always fun!) or maybe you're just bummed to be returning from your totally dreamy but too-short vacation! Just sniff and go to your happy place, oiler. You got this and all in one little yellow bottle.

Once your tray tables are up and you've returned your seat to the upright and most uncomfortable position, repeat all the same tips on the way out of the airport upon arrival making sure to help us out with a Lemon spritz in the closest-to-your-gate bathroom and don't forget a wipe-down of your suitcase handle because, a lot of hands have handled that handle by the time you arrive! Hotels, car rentals and Uber get the idea, right!

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