Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aromatic and why it works!

When you hear about essential oils and aromatherapy, do you ever think to yourself...."Exactly how does smelling something really, truly DO anything?"  I know what you mean, because I have asked myself the same question.  When I read the explanation below, it totally made sense!

A scent does recall a memory often.  Pulling information from your brain to cause you to think about a time, a person or a moment.  I remember going into an empty elevator 20 years after my dad had passed away.  Whoever had been in that elevator before me had worn the same aftershave that my dad did.  Immediately, my brain pulled the emotions of loving my father and the fact that I missed him so.  The brain is an absolutely amazing part of our body.  It controls so much!!  It controls all your bodily functions and more.  So using essential oils that contain constituents that stimulate the brain to control certain parts of your body does have a profound and actual effect!!

THIS is why essential oils work aromatically!

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