Saturday, October 17, 2015

DoTerra vs Young Living (i.e. Integrity)

There has been a lot of discussion about the differences between essential oil companies especially DoTerra and Young Living.  I happened to find a very interesting article that I thought others with the same question might find interesting.


On of the biggest takeaways from this article for me is one word - INTEGRITY!  If you are willing to take the recipes of others to benefit yourself, how does that speak for your business?

Also, in light of this article, I thought I would add more information I hope you find interesting.

Are you finding oils way cheaper on the internet?

There is good reason that some Essential Oils may be way cheaper than Young Living.  It seems that if the bottle of EO contains only 10% essential oil, it can claim that it is 100% pure essential oil.  That means that it is adulterated.   10%!!!  Would you be happy if you purchased a cup of coffee at your favorite barista only to discover that there was only 10% brewed coffee and the rest was added water.  I think not!  Would it affect the price? Absolutely!
So, exactly what does adulteration mean when we are talking about essential oils?  You aren't going to be adding water to the oil since water and oil don't mix.  It means that the original product has been diluted with another product.  In the realm of Essential Oils, this adulteration is usually something like sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

Another concern I have about cheaper oils is how they are made.  Young Living has a proprietary method they call Seed to Seal.  Click the link to read about it.  Other companies often do NOT own their own farms and have little control of how the plants are grown and harvested.  Most all of the other companies do NOT distill their own product.  That is a big issue for me.  If certain plant material is not distilled within a certain time from harvest, it isn't nearly as good.  If the material harvested is distilled more than just once, the resulting product is not as good.  If the material harvested is distilled using a chemical, you have truly altered the ability of the oil.

Young Living has proved that they control more than other companies and I think their experience makes them the best for me!!

If you are interested in learning more about Essential to use them safely and what they are used for, please let me know and I'll arrange some time to either meet with you personally or in a chat!   Leah and I both love sharing our love of essential oils!  Bring your oils and we can have a smell comparison too!

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