Friday, March 27, 2015

I didn't know!!

I just found out the sale info below and wanted you to know about it.  I have NOT had a chance to use this product but others LOVE it.  It is a concentrated form.   This is the dilution ratios: light degreasing 60:1; medium degreasing 30:1; heavy degreasing 15:1; floors 100:1; walls 30:1; upholstery, fabrics, carpet spotting 40:1; carpet 100:1; glass 320:1; pots and pans; 100:1 hand cleaner 1:1.      One of these 14 ounce bottles of thieves cleaner can make 14 of the 32 ounce bottles of cleaner!  

We will have a blog post in the near future about what Thieves is but the short version is that it is a oil blend made centuries ago to combat plagues.  The antibacterial cleaner is great at getting rid of the cooties brought home from work and school.


Also.......there will be a special FB event on Monday starting at 6pm Pacific time entitled The Day in the Life of an Oiler.  Leah and I will be posting in this event along with a number of other oilers!  Enjoy from the comfort of your computer room and join in the conversation only if you want.  You need to be either Leah's friend or my friend on Facebook.  Let us know if you interested!  Leave us your FB name via the contact form to the right and we'll invite you!!


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