Friday, March 27, 2015

Leah's Moisturizer and Cleansing Recipe

Moisturizer/Cleansing Recipe    from Leah Zagel 

You can read about Leah's testimony on this recipe HERE.

¼ Cup Coconut Oil
15-20 drops Frankincense
10-15 drops Lemon
5 drops Clary Sage (optional)
  • In a double boiler, slowly heat coconut oil until just melted. (This doesn't take very much heat!)
  • Drop in frankincense and lemon essential oils. Pour into GLASS* container for storage. 
  • Set aside and let oil cool to re-harden.  The mixture will stay in a hardened state unless air temps rise above 72 degrees (which is enough to melt coconut oil).
To Use:
  • Use the back of your nail or a mini makeup spatula to remove from jar. 
  • As a moisturizer, remove a pea size amount from container. Liquify by holding hands together to melt then apply to face as you would a traditional moisturizer.
  • As a facial cleanser/makeup remover (this baby does amazing with mascara), remove about 1-2 pea size portions. Again liquify by holding hands together to melt then rub into face and over mascara. Keep your eyes shut!  Use a microfiber cloth to rub excess oil and dirt from face.  Ann just grabs a few squares of toilet paper to wipe the oil off her face.

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