Sunday, March 15, 2015

Little Oil Facts

No, this article isn't about little tiny oils nor is it about little tiny bottles of oil........wait.........I guess it is a little about the bottles! Our first little oil fact is actually about the bottles! We hope you enjoy these 'little' facts!

Q: How many drops of oil are in the oil bottles?
  • A 15ml bottle of oil contains about 250 drops
  • A 5ml bottle contains about 80 drops
Q: What is the fastest way to absorb oils?
  • The fastest is through inhalation (breathing) 
  • The second fastest is application to the feet or to the ears (outside of the ear) NEVER put oils into the ear! Putting oils on the feet is a quick way to get them into the body and this method rarely requires dilution, even on children.  
Q: How fast does the oil enter the body?
  • Testing on the heart, thyroid, and pancreas showed the oils reached these organs in three seconds. One study said the oil applied to the feet arrived to the head in just one minute.
Q: How much is really in a drop of oil?
  • One drop of essential oil can cover every cell in our body with 40,000 molecules. Start slow, sometimes less is more when it comes to using oils!
Q: Is there a way I can drive the oils deeper?
  • Yes! You can use a warm wet cloth as a compress to drive oils deeper. Remove when the cloth is cool.

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