Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starter List of Essential Oil Uses

Are you thinking about taking the plunge to use essential oils in your home? Are you unsure how to use the oils?  Here are some ideas to get you started using those little bottles of goodness! This is just a partial list, mind you! There are so many uses for each oil.

Single Oils

Lemon - detox, heartburn, bloating, increase energy, remove gum from hair, remove sticky labels

Lavender - burns, dry skin, sleep issues, rashes, sunburns, heal cuts & scrapes
Frankincense - anxiety, reduce wrinkles, swelling, scars, boost immunity taking internally
Peppermint - headaches, constipation, indigestion, soreness, gas, fever
Melaleuca A (tea tree)- deter lice, freshen laundry, toenail fungus, warts, cuts, scrapes

Oil Blends

Purification - sore throat, insect bites, boo-boos, pimples, stinky laundry, cramps
Panway - sore muscles, swelling, sciatic pain, stiffness, headache, cramps
Joy - stress, emotional pain, sleep issues, sadness
Citrus Fresh - anxiety, settle down kids, purify air, depression, concentration
Stress Away - stress reliever, PMS, worry, fear, depression, anxiety
Thieves - kill airborne bacteria, coldsores, toothaches, immune booster, mouthwash


  1. Lavender is my favorite. I have dry skin, so this helps a lot. I ordered some more oils online, so that I could experiment with them more! Thanks for your blog, it's extremely helpful.

    1. Just remember that the action of oils is totally dependent on how well they were distilled and the quality of the plant material. If you don’t get good results it can be totally due to the quality of oil you are using. Many grocery oils have only about 5% oil in them and while they smell good you won’t get the same action as a high quality oil. I’m happy to send you a small sample of YL Lavender if you would like.