Friday, March 27, 2015

Leah's Facial Cream Testimony

Leah's Testimony

Have you ever heard someone use the saying ‘Balled my eyes out’? To me this phrase is best described as crying so hard, long and with so much force that your eyelids feel like they are rolling out and the following day even your eyes are puffy and red. This is not a pretty sight to see.

Nine years ago, I had an argument with someone and afterwards was so sad and emotional about it that I ‘Balled my eyes out’. The following morning I was surprised to see a vein had appeared on my eyelid. It was a red spot and was slightly bumped out. I covered it up with makeup and thought it would go away in a few days. 

After a few months, definitely enough time for it to heal, I had to come to grips with the fact that it was NOT going away. Over time it turned to a dark purple hue. When I was pregnant, it went one step farther and grew in size. Much like you would point out spinach in someone's teeth to be helpful, people would point out that spot thinking that I had tagged myself with mascara. Long ago I forgave and sought forgiveness from the person with whom I had argued. However, the spot was a constant reminder of that original moment of pain.

Skip forward to one and a half years ago, I had read many articles about the type and amount of chemicals that are present in many facial cleansers and moisturizers. My mother kept telling me that I should try coconut oil. My skin has always been what I classify as oily skin. I had a hard time with the concept of adding more oil to it. I decided to go out on a limb and try using coconut oil for my moisturizer. My mom had been using it quite a while and her face didn’t look like an oil slick. To my surprise I really liked it. My skin felt more hydrated throughout the day.  

Then, last December I received my first set of essential oils. I found some claims that Frankincense was really good at healing skin and that a drop of lemon on the skin could help with oiliness. Since I had been experiencing acne problems related to hormone changes, I decided to add them along with some Clary Sage to my coconut oil moisturizer. First, I loved the smell of the oils together since it was like a baked good, YUM! Honestly each morning putting it on my face made me hungry. 

Then I read a post about removing your makeup with coconut oil. I decided to try it out with my yummy smelling mix. Who wouldn't want to go to bed smelling delicious? This effectively removed traditional cleansers and moisturizers from my routine and as an added bonus I noticed I no longer put Chapstick on each night before bed. My lips simply don’t feel like they need it. And I have been a Chapstick-a-holic for years.

About 2 months after using my mix in the morning and at night, I had a very exciting morning. I really consider it my oily miracle! As I was putting on my eye makeup I noticed that the spot on my eye had FADED and it was no longer 3D. I gasped, did a happy dance, ran to show my husband and was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. I never expected the power of Essential Oils to be strong enough to heal something 9 years old!  As I continue to use my mix, that spot keeps fading. YEAH!!! 

My essential oils have given me two types of healing, one is superficial (see the pics!) and the other is emotional.        -----Leah

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  1. My husband had a mole like bump on his face that we were worried about getting removed due to scarring. He used frankincense and in less then 30 days it was gone, and it is still gone over year later!