Saturday, March 14, 2015

Questionable Decisions.

Do you remember the TV commercial for Prego spaghetti sauce where the lady remembers all her questionable decisions? I saw it again the other day and it made me think of a couple of MY questionable decisions.  Hindsight is 20/20 right?

Questionable Decision #1
I am an avid rubber stamper and have been since 1987. I own dozens of punches used to create my cards and projects. My thumb soon discovered that having something to help me push down would be very helpful! I went on the search for punching aide. There were several but they were WAY different in price. The first one was only about $25 and it fit into my budget much better than the $70 Mega Strong aide. The budget won and the $25 model came home with me. After using it for a while, I liked the ability to get the job done while saving my thumbs! THEN, it happened. The paper I used one day was slightly thicker than normal and the handle of my punch aide snapped in two! AUGH!!!!!!  Right in the middle of my big project too. The product failure came at the worst time. I had a decision to I purchase another $25 model or spring for the big boy. Guess which one came home with me that day!  I got the Mega Strong one! The assurance of getting the job done without the potential of breaking again made the extra cost more bearable. I have no regretted my decision. The new aide was wonderful making me wish I had purchased it first.

Questionable Decision #2
Now, enter in my essential oils questionable decision. When my mother and I discovered the benefits of essential oils, we were really excited to get some of that oily goodness for ourselves! A website offered a BOGO deal at a VERY good price. Awesome, we thought, we could each have our own set. We made multiple orders over time.

THEN, my friend introduced me to Young Living oils. Hmmmm.......the cost certainly was more than the oils we have already purchased. Would they truly be worth the extra?  She told me she found YL oils to be WAY different. I was skeptical......BUT, I decided that I could spring for the Premium Starter Kit. It was a pretty good deal and I could get the oils at almost half price!

My friend suggested I conduct a smell test once I received my YL oils. The smell test was revealing. The peppermint oils were tested first. I enjoyed using my original peppermint oils (in cooking and topically) and wanted to see if there was truly THAT much difference. The YL peppermint oil was opened smelled. smelled like I went into my garden, picked a few peppermint leaves and crushed them in my fingers. Then I opened the first of the two other brands. was totally NOT what I expected. The oil smelled like peppermint but it had an 'edge' that really wasn't all that pleasant. The second brand was the one I had been using in my cooking. It smelled even worse. There was a chemical undertone that I had missed before. Additionally, both had a sweeter candy cane smell that was far from the fresh herb.  This revelation really took me by surprise. I truly didn't think there would be that much difference, but I was totally wrong.

So, I dug out more of my original oils and tested them the same way. The originals each seemed to have this 'edge' to them that I truly didn't find appealing after smelling a pure oil. I tested Lemon, Lavender, and Frankincense. Frankincense was one of the most different. I kept hearing ladies say that they LOVED the smell of Frankincense. I didn't agree, but I was smelling my original brand. When I got my YL Frankincense, I found out why they were saying they loved it. It was just so amazingly different.

WHY????????? Why, were they so different? As I looked into this I learned that purity was everything!!! YL has a Seed to Seal quality commitment. Ahhhhhh! It made total sense to me then. I watched the videos on each process from acquisition of the seed all the way through to the process of applying the label to the bottle. This control assures that Young Living products are top notch!

My other oils are being replaced!!

Click here to view the Seed to Seal process for yourself.